Foot Therapies

We’ve created a series of specialized treatments for those with unique foot care needs that fuse beauty and medicine, all overseen by our caring and experienced podiatrists.


Specialty Medical Pedicures

Expert care for your feet using medical grade, medically sterilized instruments delivered by highly trained foot therapists , supervised by experienced podiatrists in a rejuvenating, soothing, welcoming and confidential environment. We use only 10 free and vegan polish.

Therapeutic Aromatherapy Luxury Pedicure

This specialty pedicure is designed to provide extra care and comfort for those living with or recovering from cancer, and other immuno suppressed conditions, those recovering froma recent surgery. etc. Our luxury pedicure with extra care taken. Based on how you are feeling and the condition of your skin and nails that day, our therapist will customize your pedicure for deeper hydration, extra attention to nail health or a longer massage with essential oils and special treatment ingredients that brings optimal healing to your feet and body.

Gentle Care Nail and Skin Luxury Pedicure

This non-invasive Podiatirst supervised pedicure is designed for those experiencing conditions due to diabetes such as neuropathy, decreased circulation and for whom a traditional pedicure would be unsafe..During this pedicure, our focus will be evaluating your skin and nail health, hygienic gentle care with custom therapies.

Pain Relief and Rejuvenation Soothing Foot Massage and Therapy

This foot therapy is designed for those who are struggling with arthritic changes of the foot and ankle or sufffering from foot pain and looking for relief. With a carefully curated selection of essential oils, cooling, heating and moisturizing ingredients, this pedicure focuses on rejuvenation through massage. Consistent pedicure can help to reduce stiffness and stress on arthritic joints and ultimately reduce discomfort and improve function.


A complete refresh for your feet. Walk away with your feet feeling good and looking better. This highly reparative treatment starts with an uplifting aromatherapy soak to soothe skin, followed by salt and enzyme exfoliation to soften feet before dry skin is gently removed. Permeating warmth provides deep repair and intense hydration. If necessary for best wellness outcomes, podiatric skin care can be added.