What could be more romantic than spending time with your special someone on the most dreamy day of the year…right? Unfortunately, sometimes all the Valentine’s Day hullabaloo – searching for the perfect gift, trying for last-minute reservations at your favorite restaurant, wracking your brain for what to write in a card – can distract you more than connect you! 

Allow me to make a suggestion: schedule a foot soak for you and someone you love, either on February 14 or another day that works for you. We’ve completely redesigned our Sole Sanctuary – you’ll have to see for yourself how stunning it is. Whether you bring your partner, family member, or friend, it’s worth celebrating your commitment to each other! And did you know a shared spa experience can bring you even closer together?

We already know how good foot soaks are for the body and mind – they can melt your stress away, relieve discomfort in your feet, soothe sore muscles, and leave you feeling soothed and energized. Opting for a side-by-side treatment in our gorgeous soak room can help you reconnect with the one you love; intentionally making time for each other in a tranquil environment can do wonders for your relationship. If you choose to make your experience even more indulgent by adding on a massage or reflexology treatment, your brain will release oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine, increasing feelings of affection and intimacy. 

This Valentine’s Day, why not opt out of the hustle and bustle, and choose each other instead? 

-Dr. Julie