I’m so excited to share that Barefoot is now making our own deodorant!

Let me explain why we started making this product. I have to admit that I’m not a big deodorant person, and I haven’t consistently worn deodorant – as in using it every day –  in almost 10 years. There, I said it! I was constantly checking out the ingredients on the deodorants I saw in stores, wondering if these products were safe for me to be using on my body all the time. I tried using Himalayan salt, which some folks say are a natural deodorizer, but it burned my skin like the dickens, and I gave that up, too. But now my kids are getting older and have started asking questions about using deodorant. Then I really started panicking! What in the world do I feel comfortable having my 9 and a half year old daughter use?

So I decided… I need to make my own. 

Barefoot’s Own Deodorant is aluminum and baking soda free.  Baking soda, a commonly found ingredient in deodorants or antiperspirants, can be very irritating to the under-arm skin, especially after shaving, and dermatitis or a rash can develop. Aluminum is also used in many mainstream antiperspirants to blocks pores and thus prevent sweating. Some folks worry that applying antiperspirant containing aluminum so close to the lymph nodes and breast tissue could increase the risk of breast cancer, or that blocking pores doesn’t allow the body to release toxins through sweat. There are no definitive studies that prove either of these theories, but I like to play is safe, especially when it comes to the products my family is using, and I decided we needed to go the more natural route.

Barefoot’s Own Deodorant was made with YOU in mind – specifically, your underarms! It’s made with organic arrow root powder, vitamin E, and essential oils, which release a refreshing citrus and peppermint-y aroma. Available now at Barefoot! 

-Dr. Julie