Sit back, relax, and soak your feet!  Not only does it feel great to soak tired achy feet, but there are clear healing benefits when you submerge your feet in warm water with special salts and essential oils.  Our specialized foot soaks help to soothe sore muscles and joints, hydrate your skin, and relieve aches and pains.

At Barefoot, we combine specific salts and oils to meet your specific needs for healing, such as blends to aid in tranquility, relaxation, healing and improving energy.  

Here is a sneak peak of our Relaxation Blend:

  • Himalayan Salts: research suggests that the salt can reduce risk of infection and omit bacteria. The salts have detoxifying properties, improve hydration, and help to reduce muscle cramps.
  • Bergamot Essential Oil: helps to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Germanium Essential Oil: helps to diminish inflammation and balance emotions.
  • Peppermint Oil: helps to calm the mind and refocus your thoughts.
  • Lavender Oil: helps to lessen restlessness and anxiety.  

Soaks do not only benefit your feet but benefit your entire wellbeing! There’s something so relaxing about sitting in a tranquil space with your feet in a warm bath that allows your mind and body to unwind.  Life can get so busy and sometimes we forget to breath throughout the day. It’s important to take a deep breath, relax, and focus on you!

-Dr. Julie